Software developer with over 17 years of experience in full-stack web development, with a strong focus on Ruby on Rails. Believes deeply in finding the simplest-possible solution, and iterating over it until an elegant, joy-eliciting solution emerges. Passionate about clean, readable code that communicates intent, test-driven- and behavior-driven-design, and natural user experiences.


Software Developer, Animikii Inc.; remote — 2020–present

  • Successfully lead the development of key project for the Canadian Red Cross
  • Collaborate to develop flagship product: a Rails engine that aids in low-code development of Rails apps
  • Design, architect and implement major features — start-to-finish — in internal products and client projects using Rails and various front-end languages and frameworks
  • Take ownership of assigned projects/tasks and proactively report on progress to stakeholders
  • Help develop company-wide coding best-practices and standards
  • Champion switching Git strategies company-wide to GitLab Flow to give the greatest flexibility with team size and CI/CD strategies
  • Spearhead a collaborative project with First Nations Technology Council, leading five other developers in mentoring Indigenous youth
  • Awarded ceremonial drum (by peers) for being a team player, encouraging others, and exemplifying company values

Mentor and T.A., Lighthouse Labs; Vancouver, BC — 2020

  • Assisted cohorts with debugging, code reviews, explanation, and exploration of programming topics
  • Assessed student progress and identify students needing further attention
  • Provided guidance to students as they pick and flesh-out their mid-term and final projects
  • Nurtured students who were struggling, discovering and pin-pointing any foundational problems that were keeping them from learning new concepts, and devised plans for them to execute to get on-track
  • Led mock technical interviews to allow student to practice, and to further identify any holes in knowledge

Freelance Developer, Self-Employed; Coquitlam, BC — 2004–2019

  • Architected and maintained Ruby on Rails applications
  • Championed use of user stories with non-technical stakeholders
  • Spearheaded initiative to go from in-house physical deployment to AWS, Digital Ocean, and other cloud providers, reducing down-time and eliminating need to hire additional technical staff
  • Slashed deployment issues and time by integrating Docker containerization to equalize test/development/production environments
  • Shortened feedback loop and development cycle using agile methodologies and continuous deployment
  • Implemented a test-first, behavior-driven design methodology

Owner/Franchisee, Mr. Pretzels; Vancouver, BC — 2016–2019

  • Owned and successfully managed three high-traffic locations
  • Implemented POS and digital signage infrastructure, allowing for remote updating of prices, synchronizing of menus across stores and effective lookup of real-time sales data
  • Procured a cloud-based software package to create and disseminate employee schedules, resulting in great reduction of under-/over-staffing and missed shifts, and increased employee satisfaction
  • Reduced waste product and lost sales by writing software to be used by supervisors on location to calculate expected sales for remainder of day
  • Hired and managed employees, building a customer-centric culture

Procurement Specialist, Long View Systems; Vancouver, BC — 2015–2017

  • Collaborated with Account Managers, Project Managers, Consultants, manufacturers, logistics and more to successfully win and manage multi-million dollar deals
  • Leveraged pricing programs, on-line technical resources and manufacturer experts to solve customers’ business problems



Ruby, JavaScript, Python, Elixir, HTML, CSS

Frameworks && Libraries

Rails, Hotwire (Turbo, Stimulus), NodeJS, React, JQuery, Bootstrap, Tailwind, ActiveInteraction, Pundit, Devise, SASS, Docker, good grasp of HTTP request/response life-cycle

Systems, CMS && Databases

SQL, Git, Subversion, AWS, DigitalOcean, Heroku, Bundler, NPM, Yarn, Webpack, comfortable setting up domains and DNS records


rSpec, Cucumber, FactoryBot, TimeCop, Mocha, Chai, Jest, Cypress, Storybook


Lighthouse Labs, December 2019

Diploma of Web Development

Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Coursera, March 2019

Build a Modern Computer from First Principles: From Nand to Tetris

Grade achieved: 98.4% average